Donnerstag, 1. Dezember 2011

OUT NOW: KLAF LP on Mueller Records!!! First album from Hawkinson!!!

Mueller Records

Mueller Records 2075

CD, digital + 12″ sampler

Tracklist CD:
01. Introduction
02. Tiefdruck
03. Incident
04. Ghostly Reality
05. Wipe The Slate Clean
06. Session 2011
07. Experience
08. History
09. Distance
10. Sie
11. Persuasion

Tracklist Vinyl:
A1 Introduction
A2 Tiefdruck
B1 Persuasion
B2 History

Müller Records, the Berlin-based label, has a long and proud tradition of high-quality releases. It also has a strong track record in sniffing out up-and-coming talent – acts like Berliner Falk Romstedt, alias Hawkinson. His EPs and remixes – check his former eps and remixes on muller records – had already shown that he was equally at home creating techno with a driving groove as he was knocking out strong and detailed synth melodies. Now his first LP is being released on Müller Records.

“KLAF”, put succinctly, is an album that picks up the style of Hawkinson’s previous singles and runs with it. (OR: that expands on the style of Hawkinson’s previous singles.) It’s a story written by the dance floor, for the dance floor. Hawkinson is processing the experiences and emotions he’s had over the past few years both as consumer and DJ and really shows us where his roots lie – in techno! The influence of Detroit is all over this record and can be heard straight away, with strings, melodies and soulful surfaces drawing you in immediately. Added to that are the big fat pumping grooves, deep bass lines, chords and distinctly clattering hi-hats and percussions that are at the heart of Hawkinson’s sound. (OR: that define Hawkinson’s sound.)He doesn’t try to transcend other genre pigeonholes and is happy instead to showcase his own highly personal spectrum of sounds. Listeners to these 11 tracks can expect to take a trip into a wonderful sound universe, full of power and, more importantly, soul, which is transported directly to the dance floor.

  Hawkinson - KLAF by NovaFuture



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Some Feedbacks (Vinyl):

Chris Stanford (EarToGround) - A unique release, think i might drop History at an after party ;)

Patrick Siech - Oh nice one! Love persuasion

Rob Hall (Skam) - pleasantly surprised to see a 'muller' record again.

Grant Paterson ( Edinburgh Evening News 'The Guide') - Persuasion is a killer tune, really into it!

Manchester Global Radio - Very nice, loving the percussion and grooves. Tiefdruck is cool ;) Gemma Furbank

Dean Facer (Our House Magazine) - Tiefdruck is the one for me.... Nice release - Nice groovin sounds!. My favourite track is Tiefduck!

Dave Congreve (Repeat Repeat) (Black Market Vinyl ) - Strong collection of trax. I like Tiefdruk the most.

Alan Fitzpatrick - track 2 for me.

Simon Smith (Mothership) - nice selection..thank you.

Psycatron (BBC) - Track 2 for me thanks.

Matt Cooper (Respect Records) - Liking Tiefdruck..

Derek Taylor - All of them sound pretty good. More suited to my proggier sets. Cheers

Slam (Soma Records) - will try out! thanx

Danny Howells (Global Underground) - Nice variation of tracks, possibly track 2 for me. Many thanks!

Noice Podcast Series - Persuasion is my Favorite here....

Phil Turnipseed (DJ Times) - very cool it

Pig & Dan (Cocoon) - really like the dubbier tiefdruck and the 80's sort of melody in persuasion.

Angel Molina ( Sonar / Tresor ) - Maybe 'Persuasion' is my track on here, nice italo influences.. thanks.

Docepulgadas - melodic & fresh tracks, full support.

Alberto Arranz (DJ Mag Spain) - Introduction is cool tune!! perfecto por open or close the party!!

Kazu Kimura (CLR) - some nice tracks, 2nd tracks for me, thanks! - Melodic and power sounds. Its really incredible ep. Like for a radio and web... love it!

Micropunto - muller records! great label! dig this release

Laurent N. (Atavisme) - Nice release & nice stuff by Hawkinson. Love the second track. Will play & SUPPORT !!!

The Hacker (Different) - really like "persuasion" nice melody !

Different Grooves - fine collection, supported & noticed by

Cédrik (Science Label) - Tiefdruk & Persuassion are the best here! Good release!

Jamie Stevens (Infusion) - varied! Liking the Persuasion melody and History is pretty epic too. Liking it!

Osciliator Radio Show - All tracks work for me.

Radio Fritz - Nightflight (Radio Fritz) - "persuasion"

Metope (Areal, IRR, Beachcoma) (Beachcoma/Metope) - I like Tiefdruck!

M.A.N.D.Y, Booka Shade, DJ T. promo assistant - downloaded. thank you for good music!

Patrick Selzer (Raveline) - druckvolle Tiefdruck Nummer. Herrlich treibend deep.

Martin Böttcher (Tagesspiegel/ Radio) - Good!

Christian Kausch (Partysan/Broque) - Schön, dieses Label wieder neu zu entdecken. Track 3 und 4 sind sehr sehr schön!

Abi Bah (H-Productions) - love the mood on Tiefdruck!

Luciano (Cadenza) - Downloaded for Luciano! Thank you for the music. - great tracks! will play on!!

Daniel Mumbling Sanchez (Remote Area,Casbah rec!,) - tiefdruck is really nice! thanx!

Vince Watson (Bio Music) - Tiefdruk the best track!

Ant ( - very nice pack! Tiefdrunk is my fav.

Swoon/ pastlessonfuturetheories blog - Good ep. Like introduction and Persuasion.

Mittwoch, 24. August 2011

OUT NOW: Stillleben EP on Phunkit Records!!!

12 inch & digital

01. Stillleben
02. Stillleben (Akiko Kiyama Remix)
03. Unterholz

Info :
It seems like Hawkinson has drawn his inspiration from the lush crackling whispering of the woods. Akiko seems to see it the same way and with her remix makes a compelling overall package of the second “12″ by Phunkit. “Unterholz” is a crisp driving, deep techno roller with playful percussion elements, subtle functionally-held choral dubs and a bass line drily humming to itself. “Stillleben” crackles bone-dry and elegantly at the same time, the light melodic phrases form a great contrast to the massive wall of bass. Akiko is tinkering a little organic dust monster out of “Stillleben”. Definitely superb how she is breathing her principle of life into the whole theme, so that you almost wish the track would never end.


Unofficial Video:

Buy: (Vinyl) (Vinyl) (Vinyl) (Vinyl) (digital) (digital) (digital)

Some Feedback:

remix is nice. – Troy Pierce (Minus)

nice ep – Benoît Carretier (Tsugi)

very good,will play! – Sasha Carassi (Drumcode)

feeling this got a funky groove – Butch (Bouq.)

gonna give the remix some test runs – Switch / Studio Brussel

Support !! – Davide Squillace (Davide Squillace /Hideout)

I like the remix, and Unterholz. – Ambivalent (Minus)

This is Wicked… – Mark Allain (Ministry Of Sound Radio)

sounds cool cheers – Phil Kieran (Cocoon Recordings/Soma Records)

unterholz ist ganz oben. nice track. - Werner Niedermeier (Elie Eidelman (Sweatlodge))/
James Blonde (MBF, Sweatlodge))

I like the Akiko Kiyama rmx, thumbs up. – Norman Nodge (Ostgut Ton/Berghain)

Loving Akiko’s rmx :) – Matt Cooper (Respect Records)

Akiko remix is great! – Arnaud Le Texier (Safari Electronique)

Remix and track 3 for me. Nice! Thanks – Xpansul (Ovum Recordings)

Akiko’s mix is great! – Luciano Sambati (Fabric London)

sounds nice, will try out thanx – Slam (Soma Records)

Good quality tecno, all tracks are cool will definately play them – Pig & Dan (Cocoon)

Akiko Kiyama rmx for me, thanks. – Angel Molina ( Sonar / Tresor )

Both originals hit the spot for me, excellent – Nick Warren (Hope Recordings)

wow. this release is gold.. Full support! – Medellinstyle

“Unterholz” is driven techno tool. I like it; I play it. – Patrick Selzer (Raveline)

I like Akiko’s remix. – Alland Byallo (Nightlight Music)

great remix! thx.. – Stephan Kaussner (Harry Klein)

stilleben is cool! – Axel Bartsch (Sportclub Music) (Axel Bartsch)

I’ve kept tabs on this guy since a while. This EP is cool stuff. Hopefully played a lot at the clubs. – Nova Future

i think both of these are great.. the 3rd track is pretty cool too. thanks – Bryan Zentz ( Plus 8 )

pretty cool - keep up the good work - Maetrik / Maceo Plex (Mothership, Dumb Unit,
Crosstown Rebels, Treibstoff)

pretty cool! – Audio Injection (Audio Injection & Drumcell/Droid Recordings)

Stillleben is coolio! Akiko Kiyama mix: killa! – DJ Nori (Posivision)

Unterholz for me! – Satoshi Fumi (Klik,Outerspace,Moodmusic,Plastic City)

Interesting tech-house release ! works for me ! support ! – Cédrik (Science Label)

Kiyama remix is kicking in! – Christopher Bleckmann (Niederflur)

akiko kyama’s mix is cool! – Electric Indigo

Really nice… Unterholtz is my fav! – Del Jardin Latino

nice release! Stillleben original is really cool – DJ Wehbba (Tronic)

akiko mix stands out. also like unterholz – Sid Le Rock aka Pan/Tone (Beachcoma records, Kompakt, Shitkatapult) (Beachcoma)

Love the Akiko Kiyama remix. Driving and infectious…the kind of infection you want to pick up. – Simon Slieker (Monotremes)

Stilleben is really good. Will use on radio – Swoon/ pastlessonfuturetheories blog

Stilleben for me,thanks! – Frank Martiniq

2 excellent tracks with nice remix. On my Dj bag & soon on Air. FULL SUPPORT !!! – Laurent N. (Atavisme)

Great release!! Soon in! – Raul (Clubbing Spain)

Good – Timo Maas (Cocoon Recordings)

Unterholz is pretty cool, will play – Craig McWhinney (MIke Callander (Haul Music))

Dienstag, 24. Mai 2011

Hawkinson @ Phunkit Records Label Night at Provisorium Bürglen TG Switzerland 09.04.2011

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Berlin-Bürglen Phunkit Records Label Night @ Provisorium Bürglen TG 09.04.2011

Hawkinson @ Zoo-Usine / Geneve 06.11.2010

Mueller Records Night @ Le Zoo Usine Geneve 06. Nov 2010

Montag, 10. Januar 2011

Berlin-Bürglen (Müller Records Label Night) @ Provisorium Bürglen TG

Hawkinson DJ Set @ Provisorium Bürglen Thurgau Switzerland 27.11.2010


1. Pig & Dan - Lets go
2. Joseph Capriati - Save My Soul
3. Alessio Mereu - Welcome Back Dark Side
4. Slam - Positive Education (Fergie's Just For Pressure Mix)
5. Psycatron - Celestial Symphony
6. Joseph Capriati - Menuda
7. Funk D'Void - Flealife
8. Speedy J - Armstrong
9. Jeff Mills - Kat Race
10. Slam - Collecting Data
11. Takt Tick - U1
12. Galan - Plasmagun (Steinmüller Remix)
13. Pablo Cahn - Elle
14. Kölsch - Loreley
15. Slam - Variance (Adam Beyer & Jesper Dahlbäck Remix)
16. Moby - Wait For Me (Paul Kalkbrenner Remix)

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