Dienstag, 4. November 2008

The Beginning EP on Pure Substance Digital (Malaysia)


Up next on PSD, Berlin based DJ/Producer Hawkinson, who recently signed with Mueller Records for his first 12" release present us, 3 of his Original works in the form of the tech house sound.

Beginning, is a deep groovy piece with male vocal stabs and nice warm house feel, flip to The Past, a more fat bassline and percussion works making it rollin and more clubby driven mix and lastly, Da Fresh, moving along nicely with a more rhythm and soul vibe ending the debut EP from Hawkinson. A must for underground house djs!


Megan for SPESH - Beginning is a perfect summer song, can see the dancefloors rockin to this groovy tune! In my bag!

Sasha Le Monnier - These are 3 great tracks, gonna be charting this release for sure. It�s nice to see there is still good house sounds.

Sean McClellan - Beginning is the one for me in this package, solid progressive house.

Xaric - The Past is the tune for me. Love the fat bassline and vocal. Will play it.

Derek Hayes aka Jerico - Another fantastic release from PS, the one that i can't stop playing is Beginning. Great stuff from Hawkinson.

Native (Swordtail Records) - Beginning is the tune for me here, really cool percussion and bass groove giving the track a nice danceable style!

Rob Warner - I'm totally digging two of the tunes, Beginning and The Past. Beginning is really cool man, sort of epic future tech prog, does the job without being too anthemy and The Past is dope! I love how it's done quite dubby style, low-key and grungy. Even listening to the third tune, Da Fresh, it's sort of Daft Punk-ish almost but not old sounding. Fresh!

Joe Sweeney (S3 Promo Pool) - I like Da Fresh because its well fresh!

Darin Epsilon - Da Fresh is definitely my top pick in this package. Catchy beat and melody, should work on the dancefloor.

Alex Nemec - The Past is a growy late nite affair, played it Friday in a small dark room, went nuts.

Chris Sterio (Source of Gravity) - Really cool EP, definitely the way forward! 8/10 will chart.

Arjun Vagale - Like Da Fresh tune. Will play.

David (Fiberlineaudio.com Recordings) - Very nice release from PSD. My favorite track is Beginning. 8/10 overall rating.

Bojan Mladenovic - Beginning is a very good track.

Dj Harsh - I like the energy in Beginning, good stuff!

Raul Gurrero (Mexico) - Awesome EP!!! Bombs dropped again by Pure Substance! I like Da Fresh because have a nice funky vibe but Beginning is my favorite!! Nice sidechain pad, housey stabs and the vocal cuts is very good! I'm a fan for Pure Substance.

Flash Brothers - Beginning we like, good track, also The Past is very special track!

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