Dienstag, 4. November 2008

Session EP on Mueller Records (Germany)

Some Feedback

Laurent Garnier - yes yes yes, super funky techno tracks, will play Session everywhere.

Carl Cox - Session is definitely the best of the bunch here.

Ben Irving (Nish Nish, London) - Fat peak time action....quality, Session the one for me. Nice one, cheers.

Renato Figoli (Trapez / Traum) - Yeahhhhh....TECHNO!!! I like it.

Colin McBean (Mr G) - yeah i'd get on night train............pumping.

Anthony Shakir (Detroit) – I like session and night train. I will play them in my sets. Keep doing what you do.

Fra Soler (Ferenc / Kompakt /Nitsa Club) - Night train is pumping!
Really good Release. Very intense.

Jeremy P. Caulfield (Dumb Unit) - this is pretty tough stuff but i give it thumbs up! Well produced, good energy.

Daniel Holc (Ascii Disko) - oh my god it is TECHNO Music! I love this stuff and will play it at the right moment and the right time...THIS IS HEAVY STUFF!

Anderson Noise - I really like "Session"!

Tommy Four Seven (Kill Brique / Catwash Records) - Feeling the session track. Nice.

Dan Sykes (Spin South West / Irish electronic radio show) - This is one unbelievable Ep, im not usually into this speed for techno but this has won me over the melodies etc. just reaches out & doesn't let you go.
I'm playing this on the radio, at gigs, in the car
& when I'm cooking dinner. It's Fantastic!
Favourite track is Session - Killer massive track.

Mathias Schaffhäuser (WARE) - like the 90s never happened... ;-)

Cari Lekebusch - Downward is nice, ima drop that on occasion. :)

Andrew Grant (Circo Loco) - luv this label, luv the tracks.

Alan Chapman (Urban Gorilla) - Fantastic stuff! :) Particularly Night Train.
Nice balance between the tougher side of Techno I love but with a subtle melodic side.

Chris Fortier - night train best here.

Adi Dumitra (Snejl / Only) - Good positive techno action in this one,
quite a difference from the regular slower tempo we got used to right now. I tried Night Train out and the reaction was very good,
so this should do well. Im supporting.

Antony di Francesco (Lost Souls) - A bit too fast for me but some nice tracks.

Carsten Rechenberger (www.deejay.de) - good to see that Müller is back on the screen and still knows how to drop good Techno records - I like "Downward" most.

Franck de Villeneuve (Loukoum) - Session is a sort of crossing between house and progressive, i like the synths choice.

Dustin Zahn (Enemy Records) - Whoa! A trip back to 2003! Downward is pretty nice. Does Hawkinson love Neon? :)

Andy D (MOS Radio) - Stonking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Max Cooper - Full support on the release - Night train is the best for me.

Bruno (Citizen Kain / My Best Friend / Harthouse) - I like a lot the track "Session", i will play it but the 2 others tracks are not really my style.

Andreas Muegge (D.Diggler / Cocoon) - Cool!

Philip Sherburne (Earplug / EMusic/ Urge / Pitchfork / Slate) – Powerful stuff, though it's not entirely my style. My pick is "Downward",
for those lush chords.

Damon Fonooni (Habersham) – Wow, Downward is for me classic techno at its very finest. Will be playing!

Sean O'Neal (Someone Else / Found Sounds / Tuning Spork) - I like
"night train". But these are too much hard-style for me.
Alland Byallo (Liebe Detail / Floppy Funk / Dirtybird) - Proper techno! I love it! Full support.

Parham Shaft (Fokused Network, Sweden) - I like the Session.

Duncan King (Babyshake) - Top draw, will play session and Night Train this weekend! Full support!

Aldrin Zouk (Zouk Club) - Session is great!
Perfect for a peaktime techno workout.


Rick Bull (Deepchild / Freerange) - Heyhey...proper techno, innit!
Been a while since I've heard shizzle like this. "Downward" is ramming...ballsy stuff, no messing around here!

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